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Sanity Hill is a craft shop owned by Hilda and Murray Wales, located just north of Teeswater, Ontario at the southern border of Bruce County.  Sanity Hill offers quilts, fabric, sewing, knitting, crocheting, jewelry, candles, artwork, wooden artisan crafts, craft classes and fellowship. The store opened officially September 1st, 2014.


“Sanity Hill was the brainchild of Hilda Wales.  It started out as an accident that took place around 2 a.m. A fire broke out in their garage that was attached to the house. It was in full flame when everyone woke up to a sound in the house. The kids were removed and the fire department called.  No one was hurt but the garage was completely gone.  Hilda’s sewing room was so water damaged that the drywall was all falling in. Her sewing machines were waterlogged and ruined.  The finished products were saved because they were all in totes that happened to be in the only corner where the water damage wasn’t too bad.

The insurance people agreed with us that  The sewing room had to be torn down. The  garage would be built separately from the house. Murray wanted a shop to work on farm equipment so they decided to go bigger. The garage  was to

have a an upstairs part and there was going to be a place for equipment out back. Hilda said she wanted a room 20 x 20 put on the front of the build and we would decide what it was for later.  Murray,after the building was built, happened to be going through a little village north of their place and  saw a sign that said fabric yard sale.  Murray told Hilda about it and bugged her to go.  She did and what she found there was fabric! The person having the sale was a sales person for a fabric company. This was the first contact for their new store.  Hilda made quilts, afghans and other things. Others put in wood things, knitted things, pictures and candles.  The fabric store and accessories would complement the fabric store. We had the idea of getting artists and crafters together and the second floor gift shop was born.

Sanity Hill, Teeswate
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